Our charcoal is comes from European forests – Latvian forests. Latvia is beautiful with forests, lakes and parks. And in our beautiful Latvian forests there is one specific tree – White Alder.

In previous centuries our grand-grand-fathers used white alder for fireplaces and stoves, for meat and fish drying. And they found that it is perfect for all kinds of meats. White alder is also called a forest bush, because it grows very fast and everywhere.

Then around 20 years ago there was an idea – if white alder is an excellent for all kind of meats and it don’t allow growing other trees and weeds, we could make the best bbq charcoal out of it. Then we could clean the forests, help local forest owners and make the best product for cooking the most delicious meals! And what makes the best charcoal in the world? The flavour what it gives to the meat – the most natural and purest charcoal flavour.

We are producing lumpwood charcoal and have found ways how to produce an excellent product which suits professional chefs and BBQ enthusiasts. It is really easy going product. For more than decade we are serving the most prestigious French and Monaco’s restaurants.


Large 50L bags of high quality charcoal.

Alderline 50L Bag, Pure Charcoal


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