The Eco Tub

Is popular for larger groups and families the eco- tub

is available in a number of different sizes to suit.

Seating capacity between 4 - 5 people this tub

creates an amazing "wow" factor for gatherings 

or just simply relaxing with the family .

Available with a number of heater options

including internal, semi-internal

and external allowing for full seating 



Handcrafted from premium wood with stainless steel.  

Our Eco-Tubs are crafted from Spruce,

Larch & Thermowood to a size that suits you.

 Our premium hot tubs are made using the best Thermowood 

famed for their extraordinary durability and resistance to decay.

 It is the first choice of wood in areas with severe winters and hot summers.

our tubs will serve you for many years remaining trouble free.

Thermowood has a very low coefficient of expansion 

So, unlike soft wood that has not been treated,

it does not shrink, swell or warp excessively, even when subjected  

to temperature change / moisture it will last 15 years + .


Renowned for their prime insulating qualities,

this makes our hot tubs very economical to heat,

and of course very beautiful to look at.

So if you are looking for the best material possible,

Naked Flame are the natural choice. 


Prices from £3,600.00 plus £180 delivery to Mainland UK


£3600.00 is for a Spruce Eco Tub 1.6

Larch - £4200.00

Thermo-Wood - £4920.00

Optinal Fibreglass/plastic liner - £600


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Naked Flame Eco Tubs 1.6

  • £180 Mainland UK

    Up to 6 weeks