Can be seen working live in our Inverurie Showroom. 

The TT20RS with Heat Storage and soapstone cladding. With this model’s extra soapstone modules, you can achieve maximum heat storage, to store and radiate heat at the same time.

The natural properties of soapstone mean that it slowly stores heat from the stove, while radiating the same heat long after the flames have died out. The heat radiation from the stove is thereby smoother, and you can enjoy it for a longer time.
The heat storage module means that you can still feel the effect of the soapstone storing heat up to 11 hours after the fire has died down.

Can be seen working live at our inverurie showroom.


Termatech TT20RS Heat storage

  • We have on display LIVE at our Inverurie showroom, FREE dellivery only locally (Morayshire and Aberdeenshire) . Can also be collected for FREE from any of our showrooms on pre-arranged day.

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